Anthem Council Elects New President

Residents now in charge. Six new committees formed. Volunteer, anyone? Anyone?

By In&Out Staff Writers 

It's all in our hands now. The Anthem Community Council, which governs the entire planned community and controls its $10.3 million annual budget, was turned over to residents last night at a meeting at the Community Center attended by about 70 people.

Six of the new, unpaid Council board members were elected (three each from Parkside and Country Club). The presidents of each HOA (including The Villages) also serve, rounding out the nine-member board.

The new board's first act was to elect Country Club resident Donna Gloshen president. Bill Clower from Parkside was elected vice president. The new secretary is Brian Henry, of Parkside, and Jack Noblitt from Country Club will be treasurer.

The new board created six new committees, including:

  • Utilities, to insure Anthem is represented in decisions about sewer, water and gas.
  • Commercial Properties, to give business owners a voice.
  • Policy & Planning (to take a long-range view of things).
  • Lifestyles & Activities (events, Community Center programs, etc.) and Facilities & Grounds (fence painting, building replacement and all that), which together will replace Parks & Recreation.

Volunteers are sought for all the committees, including the fifth new one: the Volunteerism committee (which is actually designed to help connect non-profit efforts in the community and to promote Anthem as a community of involved residents).

New board member Ron Tucker, from the Country Club, expressed concern that there may not be enough volunteers and that the Council will become bloated.

"I think we need to be really careful about growing this bureaucracy before we know how to run it," Tucker said.

Nevertheless, the new committees were voted into existence with little dissent besides Tucker's. The thinking is that Council needs to do a better job reaching out to residents, who can either join the committees or a least provide input to them, the board members pointed out.

Three existing committees remain in place: Finance; Safety & Services; and Communications. io